Dot-com death diary

By Adam Gaffin, Network World |  Hardware

Will James Cramer just shut up?

The co-founder of gets more and more bitter as his stock price shrinks more and more. In September, he complained that the Web had gotten boring. Now, however, he dismisses the entire Internet as a monumental waste of effort:

Nobody really cares for the Internet -- except for the newspapers and magazines that live off the advertising on it, and people who can't sleep and need something to do. It has created an undisciplined culture of slothfulness and foolishness that's now a culture of despair.


An ISP with attitude

You tend to think of Hawaii as a laid-back place: Sipping drinks under a palm tree with a lei around your neck and all that.

FlexNet, an ISP there, shows it's just not true. "Hawaii's #1 High Performance, Low-Cost ISP Leader!" basically warns you: Go away! Its home page basically consists of a warning that it has no support staff:

If we find out you are a newbie, signed up with FlexNet just to save money (and got some naive high school student to setup your computer) and still expect us to give you full-on technical support without you yourself bothering to spend one second searching for answers to your own questions (check Hints Pages), we will kick your butt (and modem) out of FlexNet.

As you might expect, they especially hate AOL users:

If you are currently with America Online, please don't bother to sign up! You have been warned ...

This advice will save both you and us needless frustration. We are incompatible with your computer system as screwed-up by AOL configuration software and You. In fact, a lawsuit is in the works agaainst AOL. So be warned, NO REFUNDS or CREDITS will be given.

As a general rule, American Online users are not computer savvy or it seems, capable of the level of technical sophistication necessary to operate a computer outside of an AOL environment.

Alrighty, then (first noticed by MetaFilter).

Confessions of a smut lord

Adam Grayson is just like any other student at Northwestern University. Well, except he's built a porno search engine that's become the Yahoo of the field.

In this article, he explains how it all came about. Who says there's no hope for the New Economy?

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