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GTE and the regional Bell operating com-panies missed the boat. I watched for years as new housing and apartment buildings were developed and wondered why on earth the Baby Bells and GTE did not put the last few feet of copper into those houses. They should have known that in a few years the demand for a high-speed data port would force them to come back and spend more money installing something that could have been there in the first place. I know that digital subscriber line was hardly off the drawing board at the time, but ISDN had been around for a couple of decades, as well as fiber to the curb.

Now, only a few years later, AT&T is going to pick up the ball the others dropped. I am more than willing to pay AT&T and TCI for all of my cable, data and cell services on one bill. It would be nice if GTE came in and gave me a choice, more bandwidth with DSL or easier service with cable.

If GTE's service never arrives, then maybe I will complain about a choice of ISP. In that case, I still won't mind paying AT&T a minor royalty to use the cable that cost more than $50 billion to install.

Thomas Michaels

Austin, Texas

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