File attachments go wireless

By Tom Spring, PC World |  Development

The fax services offered mixed results. Onset assigned a fax number to my RIM handheld, and I faxed it a standard magazine article with a picture and infographic. It appeared with most of the text intact, although the OCR isn't flawless and, of course, the images and chart are deleted.

When I faxed a newspaper article, it didn't come through as cleanly. Metamessage didn't even try to convert it but just e-mailed me a digital image of the fax--not viewable on a RIM device.

I was more impressed when I forwarded an e-mail attachment to a fax machine. Documents produced on a fax machine are of excellent quality. An Excel spreadsheet appeared exactly as it would via a printer. The Web conversion function, however, was still in development when tested.

Metamessage will interest anyone who wants to view attachments without having to deal with lengthy downloads to a wireless device. It may also interest mobile professionals who want to scan an e-mail attachment but don't need to view the entire file immediately.

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