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Last updated: March 26, 2014

ITworld offers IT influencers a unique atmosphere for sharing information. We put you at the center of the conversation and have provided you with the tools to share and contribute content, new ways to connect with other IT pros and contribute your knowledge back to the community.

The hottest and trending topics are the main focus of the conversation, and we've assembled a great cast of IT leaders, bloggers, and other industry watchers to chime in. If you're passionate about technology, have an interesting point-of-view, and a knack for explaining great ideas, please join us!

Here are some of the things you can do on ITworld:

  • Follow relevant topics and conversations. Sign up to be notified when new comments are added to a thread you want to follow, or when new posts are made by your favorite blogger.
  • Follow your peers. See what they're reading, commenting on, have liked, shared and downloaded.
  • Amp up your profile. Tell us about yourself. Upload a mug shot. Track stories on topics, conversations and other site activity all in one spot.
  • Resolve a technology problem. Got a question that keeps you up at night? ITworld Answers connects people who have technology questions with those who have the answers.
  • Become a Trusted Voice. Trusted Voices are members of ITworld who are regular and valued contributors to the site. Each Trusted Voice is chosen by an ITworld editor who looks for people who frequently add value to ongoing conversations by commenting on articles, sharing expertise, responding to peer questions, or who is seen as an authority in the industry on a particular topic.

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