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IDG Enterprise publications, including CIO, CITEworld Computerworld, CSOonline, InfoWorld, ITworld, JavaWorld and Network World maintain a shared comment network. Because the publications share some of their best articles with each other, we share the story comments too. Reader comments you post to a story at one site also appear on the same story published at other IDG Enterprise sites. Similarly, comments you read on an article at one site may have been initially posted on another IDG Enterprise site. Wherever a given story appears on the IDG Enterprise network, all readers read and write to the same comment thread. We think this makes for a more lively discussion with a richer set of perspectives.

The IDG Enterprise network of IT web sites that are (or will be) participating in the comment network include CIO, CITEworld, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, ITworld, JavaWorld and Network World.


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