Network Performance Monitoring is dead

IT organizations who cling to the old models of monitoring and managing will be at a significant disadvantage to their counterparts who adapt by embracing new technologies.

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ethernet fast speed

The Ethernet community is working to introduce six new rates in the next 3 years

New rates are targeted at applications vs. the historic approach of turning the crank

In the Software Defined Data Center, application response time trumps infrastructure capacity management

With applications consisting of a plethora of services delivered from a range of resources, End User Experience (EUE) is key

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DevOps and deviance: How bad IT practices become accepted as normal

What IT can learn about the study of the “normalization of deviance” phenomena

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Savvy CIOs poised to snap up talent cast off by struggling unicorns

CIOs have a great opportunity to hire technology workers jettisoned from startups forced to curb expenses.

How DCIM tools improve PUE, reduce costs and help mitigate your carbon footprint

Data Center Infrastructure Management provides increased levels of automated control to simplify capacity planning and allocation

cloud computing

5 things to look for in a partner that can help ease the pain of managing a multi-cloud environment

We can’t avoid the complexities of living in a multi-cloud world, but partners can help

Get insight into the user experience by correlating wired and wireless data

Technology advances take IT Operations Analytics to the next level

bimodal culture

Why bimodal IT kills your culture and adds complexity

Bimodal IT is gaining acceptance at some multi-billion-dollar corporations but Forrester Research says it’s the wrong approach at a time when customer preferences for digital technologies are forcing companies to move faster.

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J.Crew hires new CIO in bid to revitalize fading brand

J.Crew hires Michelle Garvey from Ann Inc. as its new CIO as the struggling apparel retailers attempts to jumpstart sluggish sales and declining profits.

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You don’t need a degree to be a programmer in Silicon Valley

The Wall Street Journal says most programming jobs in Silicon Valley now require a college degree. Don’t believe it.


Pitney Bowes bets on digital logistics and APIs to move beyond meters

Like many companies of a certain age, Pitney Bowes is banking on software to bolster lagging sales in a world where ecommerce is gaining steam.

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Microsoft embraces Linux -- way too late

As usual, Microsoft is late to the party. But this isn't like all the other times that came before

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4 major IoT challenges that stand in the way of success

We use a fictional case study to identify problem areas

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Former NSA deputy director says Edward Snowden lacks courage

Thoughts from Chris Inglis, former Deputy Director of NSA, about whistleblower Edward Snowden’s reasons for leaking classified NSA documents

With IBM, you’re licensing at full-capacity if you don’t have ILMT

The IBM License Metric Tool ensures you only pay for what you use

know customers

CIOs must know their customers to know the business

CIOs who aren't learning what their customers want risk losing focus as they augment their business with digital capabilities.

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Mylan exec builds culture of leadership

Former CIO Michael Smith focused on succession when transforming Mylan’s IT organization. It worked — and it could continue to pay dividends.

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Putting to rest 3 persistent SDN myths

Software Defined Networking is critical today, actually enhances network monitoring, and is great for network pros

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