Key Success factors for adopting Node.js

Node.js takes asynchronicity to the extreme on the server, making it the perfect choice for I/O-heavy and highly concurrent applications

intro hp

The IEEE Standards Association initiates three new Ethernet projects

25G over single-mode fiber, 50/100/200G, and 200/400G

data center down

Anatomy of a service outage: How did we get here?

The right analytics system can help IT prevent problems before they actually crop up

Understanding the differences between virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality

There are many exciting use cases emerging, but network infrastructure will need to evolve

cloud backup

Key things to consider when assessing cloud backup and recovery

Cloud backup can be part of a comprehensive data protection plan, or a first step to a larger, hybrid cloud world

fast data center

Four things to consider before upgrading your data center net to 25G

25G is backward compatible, jacks up performance and improves the efficiency of every workload

Maximizing value from your support services investment

Commitment to 5 core practices will lead to peace of mind and growth

Build, buy or rent your IoT communications stack?

The key things to consider when evaluating the options  

Artificial Intelligence vs. Intelligence Augmentation

Both conceived in the 1950s, which has greater relevance today?

group of diverse people in shadow against red/yellow sky with dramatic shadow

CIOs: Shadow IT is actually great for your cloud strategy

The three reasons that departments' own adoption of cloud technologies benefits CIOs' goals

ibm microsoft

Should Apple worry about Microsoft-IBM deal?

IBM’s new partnership with Microsoft nearly mirrors a deal the enterprise giant struck with Apple in 2014. But that’s where the similarities end.

mobile apps and touch screen

Download our new mobile management PDF

We've just created a new, easily printable version of our comparison chart with 11 vendors in 10 features/functions categories.

6 key network considerations to take into account before migrating to the cloud

How to prevent cloud migraines before making the shift

UC in the Cloud – Panacea or placebo?

Separating fact from fiction in a cloud-based unified communications deployment

Understanding how new solid state drive technologies can benefit the data center

By combining SSDs and HDDs in the right mix, performance gains are possible while keeping costs under control

google home mario queiroz

Can Google's virtual assistant find a home in enterprise?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai credits Amazon with paving an early path for consumer virtual assistants, but the company's first response to Amazon Echo, Google Home, could eventually play an important role in the business world.

For the elderly, smart homes mean the promise of more freedom

While not a panacea, new technologies promise to enable the elderly to stay in their homes longer and more safely

psychology mind state brain

Hacker psychology: Understanding the 4 emotions of social engineering

And some key considerations for better positioning your employees against falling prey to these types of attacks

cloud talent hiring

How startups can attract and retain cloud talent

The top three differentiators startups can highlight to maximize their chances of securing employees with a strong cloud skill set

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