Do the service outages caused by recent storms damage confidence in the Cloud?


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Judging from my girlfriend's freak out when Pinterest went down, you better order up some blade servers or else close shop.  Nah, I'm kidding.  People do freak out sometimes, but I think everyone who has been in the business world for any significant amount of time knows that servers go down once in a while.  Of course it can be a major headache, depending on the nature of the business and timing.  Most businesses behave in an essentially logical way, so if you get any push back, turn to your good friend statistics.  Show them the uptime numbers of Amazon (or any other major cloud provider) and compare that to what they could expect otherwise.  The fact is that thousands of people are without power in parts of the country, and I doubt it has people too worried about the fundamental reliability of the electrical grid.  It will get fixed and things will return to normal.  

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