Is the Ouya console going to do what Apple TV and Google TV could not, and do it for $99?


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At $100 it would almost be worth picking up as an impulse purchase.  I am definitely intrigued by Ouya, and I wish that the projected ship date wasn't next year.  It will be interesting to see how broad the appeal will be for an inexpensive device like this, it could potentially bring a combined media experience into the home in a way that hasn't yet occurred IF the actual device works well.  I would suspect the odds are pretty good for that, since they are not really developing new technology, and there are already tons of Android developers out there that can fill out the game/app catalogue quickly and at low cost.  Apparently a bunch of other people think so too, judging from the article on the front page if ITWorld about the millions of dollars that have been raised.      

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