What are the chances that Google Fiber will be launched nationwide?


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I think that is a long ways out.  Just installing the fiber in one city is going to take 1.5-2 years for Google.  Now, I think that is actually pretty impressive starting from scratch.  Remember providers like AT&T and Comcast had cable and copper lines already in place when they built their networks.  As a result, Google can't rely on any legacy copper pre-fiber infrastructure to fill in gaps even temporarilry.  They have to create the whole enchilada.  Google has nothing when they leave the starting blocks, and that includes poles.  Google also has to establish a consumer oriented business division.  Have you ever called a customer service line at Google when you have a problem with any of their products?  Yeah, me neither.  That might fly with free services, but not when you have service that people depend on for EVERYTHING. 


I think it is great that Google is doing this.  More competition is a good thing.  Still, I do not expect to see Google Fiber roll out nationally anytime soon because of practical difficulties, but maybe within the next 10 years or so it will have reached major markets in the US.   

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