Does BlackBerry still have an advantage over other devices when it comes to security?


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Up until a few months ago I worked at a University, so my initial response was, "What is this BlackBerry thing of which you speak?"  :-)


In the wider world, I have arrived too late to even encounter more than a token few BlackBerries.  At my current position, I would estimate less than 5% of the smartphones/tablets we support are BlackBerry.  Giving credit where credit is due, I suppose BlackBerries have a more secure native email.  However, that's not really much of an advantage over other devices; we just use Microsoft Exchange.  There may be some advantage for security with BlackBerry, but frankly, the other devices are secure enough. 


I will say that it is easier to manage application use on a BlackBerry, but I'm not sure that advantage is enough to keep them in the game for much longer.  BB10 better be a home run of the grand slam variety, or I expect that 5% figure I mentioned above will soon have a zero and decimal point in front of the 5.


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