Regarding CCNA and CCNP certified job profile in company


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CCNA certification has some value if you want to work with Cisco gear, but you have to be realistic about it.  It is a entry level, starting point sort of certification, so I wouldn't expect it to open too many doors in and of itself.  Still, it does show some effort by you, and it isn't going to hurt to have it on your resume.  After all, everyone has to start somewhere, and it does show you put forth the effort to get it.  There are a few places that even require CCNA certification for new hires.   


CCNP has greater value, in my eyes, which is a pretty uncontroversial statement considering you only get it after CCNA.  


Certifications generally are best at getting you past the HR stage of the hiring process.  Experience is best at getting you hired.  Obviously there is something of a chicken/egg thing about it, because you have to get hired to get experience.  I would expect to start in an entry level IT position if I was relying on certs, but that's just the first step.  After some help desk (or whatever) time, you will move up, your experience will matter more and more, and you will have more options.  Just stick with it, and don't get discourages starting out.        

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