What can Apple do to reassure users that iCloud is safe?


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Don't let Amazon off the hook, they were the ones that helped provide the keys to the his iCloud account!  It was gaming the system by some punk, not hacking, and reflects that while Apple may have gotten security right in many ways, they didn't think through the entire system.  In hindsight it seems obvious.


If I was Mr. Apple, I would just say this was an unusual, isolated event, we are now aware of a manner in which someone could possibly exploit our excellent customer service, and have taken steps to prevent it from happening again.  Oh, and by the way, they got the information they used to access the account from somewhere else.  Throw in something about You The Customer being the most important thing to us and we value the integrity of your data more than our first born children.  That should about do it.  Really, how many customer are going to leave iCloud because of this.  I would guess somewhere around zero, give or take. 


Like most things in life, security is compromised by convenience, which explains a lot of those "123456" passwords.  The downside of this event is that when the people call Apple with legitimate needs to reset a password or regain access to their iCloud account, it is going to be a lot harder.  Good for security, bad for convenience, but that is the tradeoff.     

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