Security question for Nokia E71


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I am not very familiar with Symbian OS, which is what I assume your Nokia is running, but the only way that really comes to mind is someone could intercept your info, including password, while you are using a WiFi connection.  This is a real possibility if you are using public WiFi, and are not paying attention to the connection name or you are unfamiliar with it, and a black hat has set up an open connection called something that seems harmless and plausible.  Would you use a WiFi connection entitled ATT Wireless or CoffeeShop Wi-Fi that is unencrypted and doesn't ask for a password while you are out of the home/office?  If so, there is a chance that the connection isn't actually AT&T or CoffeeShop, it's really that dude in the corner with the rad laptop, and everything you do is exposed to him.  I hope your question is just theoretical!  

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