Do you prepare your social media sites before interviews?


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When I was looking for a job recently, I prepared my Facebook account by deleting my profile.  I'm pretty young still and have a lot of friends in their 20s, which means some posts that are really not for public consumption.  This was about the same time that I started hearing about employers asking for passwords, and I wasn't about to hand that over, so to avoid the issue I just made it disappear.  I started another Facebook page under the name of one of my favorite characters in Aldous Huxley's Chrome Yellow so I could interact with my friends without concern about a potential employer reading all the details of my private life.  That's probably a violation of Facebook's terms, which I would care about more if they had greater respect for user privacy.  Oh, and as far as I'm concerned in interviews or conversations with employers, I don't have a Facebook page anymore.  

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