What do you think about the Kindle Fire HD being ad supported?


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I'll have to see how intrusive it is, but I don't like the concept, and I don't like the idea of being forced to pay extra to keep ads off of each area of my device separately.  I pay extra for apps instead of getting the ad supported ones, not only for the lack of annoyance, but because push ads kill battery life.  I don't know how Amazon will implement the ads, but if it it isn't done carefully, the negative impact on battery life could be an issue I couldn't overlook.  Plus the 7" Fire sells for $199, the same as the Nexus 7.  How about a little kickback from that advert $ on purchase price Amazon?  Instead, apparently, they are going to charge each customer $15 extra to keep the ads off the device.  Of course, there will still be in app ads. 


Another negative for me is the OS which is a yanked with version of Android.  Oh, and there is lack of access to Google Play aka the Android App Store.  Apps on Amazon are notoriously slow to update in addition to there being a much more limited selection to choose from, and this isn't just a little difference.  Amazon has about 50,000 apps available, Google has somewhere around 600,000.  Sure, a lot of them are junk, but an extra 550,000 apps is a big difference.    


On the other hand, it looks like the new Kindle Fire HD has a kick-A display.  Kinda like an Apple Retina display, but for half the price, so it has valid selling points.  I'm still more inclined towards a Nexus 7 though.

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