How do you transfer files from an iPad to your work desktop without using iTunes?


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Besides using cloud storage like Dropbox or ICloud, it is possibile to use 2 free products available in Apple Store:  USB Disk and Fileapp for limited file transfer.  I have a problem with Itunes as my Ipad do not have a camera and I download a lot of photos and images from the Internet.

As the device do not have a camera, Itunes simply  ignore them and do not syncronize the downloaded images.  The only way I found to get the images out of the Ipad without using cloud based storage was using both products above...  But as they are limited in functionality, it is better to use ITunes to  perform a full backups of the device and use them only to copy specific files.   I quit using my notebook an year ago but in some cases it is still a chalenge to do some idiot tasks....  


Many programs like Wondershare iOS Manager are available to transfer files between PC and different iOS devices like iPad, iPhone etc. without iTunes
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I have ever used a tool of data recovery for my iPad Mini deleted files. As I remembered, it helped me recover deleted files from iPad Mini, and also helped me backup all my data on iPad to my computer with clicks. Hope it also helps you!

@Hancockt iTunes is bit complicated so these are the must-have programs for iOS users. 
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