How many personal devices are accessing corporate networks?


Christopher Nerney
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Right now the total number of personal devices accessing corporate networks stands at 287,442,593. I'm kidding, of course. I stole that line from Bob Dylan, who was asked at a press conference back in the '60s, "How many folk singers are there?" Like he had a directory or spreadsheet. (Dylan replied, "136.")


Other than the purported total number of folksingers from the '60s, I don't have any stats handy (though I did look for awhile). But corporate culture has changed dramatically in the past seven years or so regarding personal devices in the workplace. Back in 2005, it would be considered a very bad thing to use a personal device to access work data without first going through IT. Now, I suspect it doesn't even occur to many workers to let IT know about their devices being used to access enterprise data.


Wait, I did find something! A recent cloud adoption survey of 500 IT decision makers by Rackspace concludes that 43% of respondents are aware that rogue IT is occurring in their organizations and people are using cloud services independently of the IT department. So it sounds like nearly half of all enterprises are dealing with rogue devices.

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