How do you manage social media at your company?


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I am speaking from personal experience when I say that social media can work against you unless you have someone in charge who (1) is familiar with corporate objectives, (2) has effective communication/marketing skills, (3) understands what their goals are, just as Christopher said earlier, and (4) has the ability to interact with individuals at different levels of the company.  This is a person who is responsible for a significant portion of the public face of the company, and yet I see companies go in halfed-a'ed all the time.  It really doesn't surprise me that a company would just throw it towards IT as a catch all.  Keep in mind, most members of upper management did not grow up in an age of Facebook/Twitter/etc., and some still haven't embraced it.  Or even worse, have embraced it Donald Trump style.  It could be that you are dealing with otherwise bright people they really don't understand what they are talking about when it comes to social media.  I think that you must convince them to take social media seriously, and not just as some low level task that needs to be assigned.    

Christopher Nerney

  Rousseau, your wisdom and insights are as valid today as they were in the 18th century. :)    
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