How do I install a custom recovery on an Android phone?


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You are in luck, my friend.  Your old Optimus has one of the most robust developer communities for Android phones, and there has been about 2 years of refinement to custom ROMs, kernels, etc.  I helped a friend root and flash his Optimus, and it was easier than most.  You said that you have already rooted the device, so you are all set to flash a custom recovery, and you are able to do it much more easily that you would with most other devices.  Download Flash Image GUI from Google Play, and use it to flash your custom recovery.  As always before you go crazy and start altering your device, MAKE SURE TO DO A NANDROID BACKUP FIRST!


Anyway, here is some more info about Flash Image GUI (I think I paid $0.99 for it), but since I already have it, the price doesn't show while I'm logged in to Google:

More info:


I am certain that I've seen a step by step guide for using Download Flash GUI to flash a custom recovery somewhere, but I didn't see the one I remember in a quick Google search.  Look around on Android Central and Phandroid forums, and you should be able to find it if you take a little time.


One last thing, and it doesn't really matter for flashing a custom recovery, but it sure will if you take the next logical step and flash a custom ROM - there are different versions of the Optimus that look identical, but use different screens!  Custom ROMs and kernels are not necessarily compatible with both, so make sure you know whether you have an earlier version, or the later one with the Hitachi screen.  Do your research, read everything (and understand it), and you should be fine.  There is always a chance you will brick your device, but you can usually recover a soft bricked device, and what the hell - nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Good luck, and have fun!  After you get that old Optimus overclocked and a custom ROM installed, it will blow your mind what a slow, old, entry level device can do.   


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