How to Monitor an Employee Desktop?


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I agree with Christopher, there are tools you can use. But perhaps the first thing to do is let people know that your IT folks will be monitoring their usage of company computers, etc.

Here's an article that might give you a good place to start.

How to Monitor Your Employees' PCs Without Going Too Far

"Do you know what your employees are doing on the Web? At a minimum, they're probably goofing off watching YouTube videos. At worst, they could be steering your company toward financial ruin. In this quick guide, I'll show you how to keep an eye on employee Internet use and monitor just about everything else they do with their PCs.

I can already hear the groans of disgruntled readers as I type these words (and if you're worried about privacy at work, you have ways to stop your boss from spying on you). But gone are the days when PC monitoring was an optional, draconian security measure practiced only by especially vigilant organizations. Today, more than three-quarters of U.S. companies monitor employee Internet use. If your business is in the remaining quarter that doesn't do so, you're probably overdue for a policy change."

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