How much difference is there between new and refilled ink cartridges?


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I've refilled my own ink cartridges and bought commercially refilled ones as well.  I assume you are thinking of the commercially refilled ink jet cartridges for your office.  I found no difference in reliability or longevity between the refills and new, expensive OEM cartridges.  For black and white printing I would not have a problem using refilled cartridges.  My experience with color wasn't quite as good.  While the quality was ok for casual use with the refills, the colors weren't as bright and there was often a lot of "banding," with lots of either vertical or horizontal lines noticeable in images.  So, in short, I would use black ink refills, but I probably wouldn't use the color ones.    


I remember reading this article a few years ago when I was asking the same question.  There are some photos that show the banding issue I was talking about.  The article is about commercially refilled cartridges, not the refill kits that you do yourself.  To sum up, their results mostly mirror my experience.  The refilled

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