Where does the iPod Touch fit in to today's marketplace?


John Appleseed Carey
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I just want you to know that im Apples biggest fan. My little sister just got the 4th gen iPod last year and its a neat little toy. I curently just bought the new iPhone 5 do to my love for apple. I have looked at these iPods and i think they are a little on the expensive side but they do do a lot of neat things. as apple has just added their A5 chip to it the new iTouch is extreamly fast. the 4th gen ipod was nice but with iOS 6 its starting to slow down and the apps and becoming to complex for it. over all the new iPod is essentially an iPhone with out a cellular connection. I would recomend this to kids or someone whos around wifi alot due to the fact you can get Voip programs and texting. in my mind this is the ipad mini due to the fact it has a faster processor than most tablets on the market.

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