Where does the iPod Touch fit in to today's marketplace?


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Those numbers posted by Christopher Nerney are eye opening - that's quite a lot of iPod Touches!  And if you assume that all of the 11 million sales in 2011 were the $299 version, that still works out to $3,271,060,000!  That sounds like enough revenue to justify a continued investment in the iPod Touch product line.

They are pretty expensive, but really they do most things an iPhone does, and they have the same sweet display, at less cost and with no cell phone contract.  Add in a VoIP application and you have the ability to use the iPod Touch to make calls as long as you are within WiFi coverage.  I think it even supports facetime out of the box.  Assuming the iPad mini is released at a comparable or lower price, though, I would expect some lessened demand for the iPod Touch. 

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