Is the new Samsung Chromebook worth buying for $249?


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At $249 (more for the 3G model, but I would probably stick with the WiFi, all I need is to pay for yet another device on my mobile plan) it's worth looking at if it fits your needs.  If you need to type on the go vs. being primarily focused on multimedia consumption, I would choose this over a tablet.  If you are more focused on watching cat videos and the latest anime on Netflix on the go, then I would be inclined towards a tablet.  Having a physical keyboard can be a great thing is you are entering significant text, such as doing significant amounts of writing vs. little bits of writing.  A built in HDMI port is a big advantage over an iPad (I assume the mini doesn't have an HDMI port either), since I like to use my nice big flatscreen TV for a display while I'm kicked back on the couch.  For me, this has moved to a possible purchase.  I'm thinking of ordering one for a Christmas present, in fact. GigaOM has a solid video review of it that should help fill in some of the blanks.


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