Is it worth the extra expense to use CAT6 cables instead of CAT5e?


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It's really not that much more expensive. Yeah, yeah, I know since you have some cat5e laying around the cost is zero for that, so technically cat6 is actually infinitely more expensive if it costs anything.  The available bandwidth of cat5e is 100 MHz vs. 200MHz for cat6, plus you are going to get better immunity from external noise with cat6, as well as superior insertion, return loss and NEXT.  For a small office network, cat5 would almost certainly do just fine.  But the cat6 is going to be a little better even if you don't need or use the available bandwidth, but I doubt you would even notice the difference.  The real advantage would be that you probably won't  be crawling around stringing cat6 cable in a year or two if you go ahead and use it now.      

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