How good is the Qubes OS, and what makes it different from existing OSs?


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After a couple days testing:


There are at least a few additional features worth mentioning: In addition to personal, work, banking, firewallvm, netvm, there is the amazingly helpful: Disposable.


You create disposablevm by invoking "disposableVM, web browser" in the K menu and there is a machine that will be destroyed when you quit the web browser (or whatever else you put in there). Very nice for checking out sites for risks. Every time, you get a fresh copy.


Also, considerable effort went into isolating the display and keyboard  from each other (to limit ability of machine X to read when you type in a password on machine Y for instance).


The dom0 (host to the VM's) is almost unreachable. You can do little more than update it, even from the console. This is a good thing!


By default the VM's are Fedora 17. I haven't tried to do any other OS's or even other Linux distros yet.


Please note that I wouldn't care to run this anything less than 4GB worth of hardware (and that is pushing it). I have tested it in 2GB and it is almost unuseable due to memory limitations and the need to run 2 support VM's each needing ~ 256MB. Firefox isn't happy under < 512MB machine.


Not at all sure any of the VM's can be a server but again, early days for me.


Very nifty as a secure Fedora workstation system in any case.

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