What's the best choice for individuals that want to have backup power?


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A good surge protector would probably help to minimize the risk.  A better quality generator would be best, like a Yamaha or Honda.  The power output is cleaner and they make a heck of a lot less noise than most of the Briggs & Stratton powered generators.  I have a gas generator at home, but I also have a rechargeable portable power unit that I keep plugged in and charged all the time.  This is essentially a deep cell battery with a converter that changes DC to AC.  I've used it a few times over the years during power outages.  It also has jumper cables on it so I can start my car after leaving my phone plugged in too long with the engine not running. :-)


One thing to think about - laptops use more power than I would have thought.  If memory serves, my Windows laptop uses about 250 Watts of power (without going in and changing power settings), and it discharges my portable power unit in just a few hours of use. 

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