What do people think are the most important attributes for a good landing page?


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My first rule is no audio or video that auto-plays.  I just hate that personally, and I think it drives a percentage of your traffic away.  That percentage is probably small, but there I doubt there is anyone who decides to stay on the site because of it, so there is nothing positive that comes of it. 


I would say the same about pop-ups.  A significant percentage of visitors will have a pop-up blocker, so you can't count on whatever message you want to convey actually reaching anyone.  Many more people will just close them immediately.  A waste of time and a distraction, in my opinion.


For the most part a clean, visually appealing design is what I prefer, with simple UI to allow visitors to navigate the site.  I try to avoid the wall of text if I can help it, but sometimes companies want that on their landing page.  Of course, whoever is paying gets to make the ultimate decision, but I think of the landing page as the cover of a magazine, and you don't usually see articles on the cover.    


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