How do I save a keyboard after a coffee spill?


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Like Ryan mentioned, I hope that you drink your coffee black with no sugar.  It's not too hard to clean a keyboard that has had "plain" coffee spilled in it, but sugar makes thinks sticky, and it's a lot harder to get everything to feel right.  Nothing worse than that sticky feeling....ugh.  You might be able to just pop the keys off, but it sounds like you have a grade A spill, so taking it apart and being able to really get to everything would be better.  A damp, non-lint cloth will go a long way in cleaning up the mess inside.  A can of compressed air is good too.    


If the keyboard is a cheap-o and you don't care too much if you have to replace it, I would 100% try the dishwasher thing.  Even if it doesn't work, it would still be like having your keyboard star in its very own mini-disaster film.  Will our hero survive?  Will it ever be the same?  Stay tuned......

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