How can I get Android notifications on my PC?


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How To Receive Android Notifications On Your PC

"Most of you will have been in a situation whereby you’re on a desktop or notebook, and after a while, realize you’ve missed a couple of notifications from your smartphone. Whether you’re just browsing the web due to boredom or working hard researching on a college assignment, it’s one of the few occasions where the reliability on a portable device is somewhat minimized.

Still, as somebody who spends a lot of time at the desk covering the latest in breaking tech news, I frequently miss some important updates on my device, but DeskNotifier for Android could be a saving grace to myself and others in a similar position. As the name implies, it allows Android notifications to be pushed through to the desktop, meaning if you’re completely distracted by your computer, it needn’t be a reason to be out of the loop with regards to your mobile device."

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