How can I unlock my sprint phone so that I may use it with a different cell phone provider?


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First off, if it is a Sprint phone it is CDMA, so it is not compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile, which have GSM networks, no matter what you do. There are a few exceptions - a few phones are both CDMA and GSM compatible, but the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are a few BlackBerry and earlier iPhones models. Maybe it was one of those in the thread Christopher was reading, but if not, I call shenanigans on whoever was the original poster.


Second, you would need to get Sprint to unlock the phone, which they may or may not agree to do.  But maybe you will get lucky with this. 


Third, even if you get it unlocked, other carriers may refuse to activate it anyway. You might want to call the carrier you are considering and ask them if they will activate an unlocked device before even worrying about it. 


Good luck!

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