What does MicroSoft SkyDrive for iOS offer that iCloud doesn't?


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Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service debuted for iPhones this week, after it had been available to Windows users for several years and on Windows Phone 7 devices more recently. Microsoft understands that a lot of Windows users are carrying iPhones with them, so SkyDrive for iOS is a welcome addition, but the personal cloud market already offers plenty of choice.
If you have an iPhone and want cloud storage, chances are you already use Dropbox or Box.net -- or Apple’s own iCloud -- but Microsoft’s SkyDrive has one major advantage over them: it offers 25GB of free storage for your documents or media files. In comparison, Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage, while Apple and Box’s free accounts offer 5GB free storage.
To access your SkyDrive files, you will first have to sign in with your Windows Live/Hotmail credentials. The app has four main tabs that give you access to all your files and folders, recently edited files, a handy list of files you shared or have been shared with you, and a settings tab.

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