Will companies continue to support BlackBerry?


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I think so, but this is probably RIM's last chance in the US. The US Government has also been a reliable source of sales in the past, but over the past year even they have been shedding BBs, despite the fact that POTUS is a well known BB user. Even so, it is my understanding that a number of large governmental agencies are evaluating the BB10 for potential use.


The problem is that BB's main raison d'être was it's secure email client. With easy integration of both iPhone and Android with Microsoft Exchange, that isn't as important as it used to be, and it is increasingly hard to justify paying extra for it. Some might even view it as undesirable given the occasional world or region-wide outages that hit BB's email.


It's easy to give my guesses and theories, but let me point out a nunber that demonstrates why RIM had better not count on continued support for BB is BB10 doesn't take off - 1.6%. That's the US market share for BB cited in the most recent Bloomberg article I could find. Heck that's only a little better than MY market share, and I don't make mobile devices.


It is important to remember that there is a world beyond the US. BB is quite popular in the Middle East and parts of Asia, including Indonesia which has a population almost as large as the US. Of course, Nokia is actually quite popular around the globe, but that hasn't been enough to keep their financials in good order. 

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