How do you measure cloud resiliency?


Agili Ron
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Cloud computing aims to allow easy access to shared computing resources while freeing your organization from the capital outlays of owning its own IT infrastructure. But how do you know your cloud infrastructure will be resilient in the real world against rapidly evolving cyber attacks, a growing volume of users, and high-stress application load? You must ensure that your vital cloud-based services will can handle your unique business application traffic, peak user load, and security attacks. For the health of your business, you must harden resiliency by finding the optimal balance of performance, security, and stability of the cloud services that are crucial to your business operations.
Understanding how to find that balance requires precise insight into the performance of every element of your infrastructure under your own mix of conditions. As they try to gather that insight, some cloud vendors have relied on legacy tools deployed across hundreds of servers in cloud environments. The net result: an amalgamation of tools and workarounds that is hugely expensive yet brittle—and that cannot scale to address the task at hand.

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