What features will get you excited about the PS4?


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I didn't really hear anything that was all that exciting at the press conference. Price is a major issue, as Sony learned with the PS3, but they didn't provide any information about that. I do like the ability to save snippits of gameplay so that I can admire my awesomeness later. Seriously; I remember one particular game of Madden I played over a decade ago, and it still puts a smile on my face. I was a varsity athlete in my younger days and played intramural sports in college, and the sense of "flow" and the joy of victory can be exactly the same as a physical sport when gaming is at its best. Plus I could be all, "Hey, Aaron, watch this," and make my friends watch me beat them again and again and again. Yeah.....that sounds fun.


The social aspect is cool too, I guess, but I don't really see anything that is all that amazing. They pushed letting people take over you game and get you through a hard part, which is something I would never, ever, ever do. Ever.


I got the feeling that this was more an exercise in stealing press away from Microsoft and Nintendo. We didn't even get a release window. I hope it really is awesome, and moves the state of the gaming art forward, but I can't really tell much so far. 


Oh, to directly answer your question, 100% backward compatibility with PS3 games (and even PS2 if I'm going to dream) would be a very nice feature. Sony promised backward compatibility last time on the PS3, but only the first versions had it, and it was terrible even then. I hope they do better with this gen. 

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