Facebook phone - What's the point?


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I can think of one reason most people would want a Facebook phone. Hint - It starts with “F” and ends with “ree.” I’m sure there is a market segment that wants Facebook even more deeply embedded in their daily lives, but I can only think of one person I know who might be interested in that. Obviously the world is much larger than the place I know, so perhaps there are legions of people out there wanting to be more fully integrated with their friends lives. I assume a Facebook phone will push the user towards more Facebook products/services, such as Facebook email, and it sure could give them a ton of information at a very granular level to use for marketing/advertising. I doubt that Facebook will fork Android, they don’t have the same structure Amazon does for selling goods, and it would be a big headache to try to create another, Facebook specific app store. They will probably just do something like HTC does with Sense UI on Androids. 

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