Metro Apps crash right after I launch them. What can I do?


Christopher Nerney
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Enough people have had your problem that Microsoft has some pages devoted to it in its Community Answers support site. Some people on this thread say the problem is with the NVIDIA graphics card. A forum moderator suggests this process:


Check the following:


  • You need at least 1024X768 resolution for Metro apps to work
  • Confirm if the issue reproduces with all user accounts. Metro apps aren’t supported if you are running with a built-in administrator account (happens mostly when upgrading)
  • Check if UAC (User Account Control) is enabled. UAC must be enabled for Metro apps to work. It’s possible that a third party application may have disabled the User Account Control, in which case the apps won’t work. To check, simply type UAC from the home screen and it will appear on the Settings search result
  • Try using a local account instead of a Microsoft Account (Live ID)
  • Refresh your PC
    Here's another thread started by a user whose Metro Apps started crashing after he upgraded to Windows 8. 
    And here's one with instructions for a troubleshooter developed by Microsoft for computers running on Windows 8 that are experiencing apps problems.
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