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3 weeks ago

And what chance do they have?

Tags: Hadoop |
7 Answers |
13 weeks ago

Looking for key areas to focus on when planning our big data strategy this year. Top challenges. Best practices.

2 Answers |
13 weeks ago

What are the big data trends to watch in 2014?  Also looking for market forecast data/breakdown for 2014. Anyone have anything handy? Thanks!

2 Answers |
13 weeks ago

I'm looking for a high-level overview of available data analytics packages available to help with the hiring process. If not that, then any resource on the...

2 Answers |
14 weeks ago

Are there any examples out there for how small businesses are using big data? Any other resources that might be useful would also be appreciated. Thanks!

1 Answer |
14 weeks ago
No description for the question.
2 Answers |
Paul Calento
14 weeks ago

There are plenty of use cases for Big Data, but lack-of-(internal) skills can inhibit. What is a good point of entry for beginning a Big Data project to...

2 Answers |
Paul Calento
24 weeks ago

"Converged infrastructure projects can be paralyzed by:1. Inability to converge disparate infrastructure elements because the platforms were never designed...

Users of Google Glass will get to meet and compare their techie headgear this weekend at a spot where appearance is everything.
Borrowing a page from the recently revised Microsoft playbook, development tools maker Telerik has released as open source the bulk of its Kendo software library of components for building Web and mobile applications
A Space X Falcon rocket lifted off Friday afternoon for the International Space Station (ISS) from the Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida.
Advanced Micro Devices doesn't want its chips in low-priced tablets, and is eager to avoid a battle with Intel or ARM, whose chips have driven tablet prices down to under US$100.
Although Exadata is Oracle's most popular and mature "engineered system," some customers implementing the database machine are making mistakes that prevent them from getting the most performance out of the expensive product, according to a veteran of many Exadata projects.
Tech workers suing over an alleged no-poaching agreement among Silicon Valley firms are fighting an attempt by defendants to ban evidence that might portray Steve Jobs as a bad guy.
Almost 500,000 patient records have been hacked from the servers of the Harley Medical Group, the plastic surgery firm which has clinics across the UK.
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will reserve a significant amount of spectrum in its upcoming auctions of the television band for unlicensed uses such as Wi-Fi, agency officials said Friday.
Can plastic materials morph into computers? A research breakthrough published this week brings such a possibility closer to reality.
Even four months after the Mac Pro's initial release, Apple appears to be having problems making enough of the high-end cylindrical desktop computer. The company's store currently shows shipping times of 4-5 weeks for all Mac Pro models, even the stock versions without additional customizations.
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