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3 weeks ago

I checked my Google account activity using the link at the bottom right of Gmail (saw this on an ITworld question last week, incidentally), and under “...

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8 weeks ago

Google announced that it has been working on Project Tango, an ability to capture 3D environments using a smartphone. That’s neat, I suppose, but what...

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9 weeks ago

Google has spread around the love when it comes to Nexus android phones over the years. HTC, LG and Samsung have all manufactured Google’s flagship...

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10 weeks ago

I’ve been trying to find a good replacement for Google Keyword Tool. I know that I could use Keyword Planner, which has Keyword Tool’s functionality, but I...

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10 weeks ago

One thing about Google is that it isn't afraid to kill off its offerings. The first thing to greet me when I've started my PC for the...

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11 weeks ago

What do I need to do differently that what I do for Google for SEO with Bing and other search engines?

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4 Answers |
11 weeks ago

There are reports that Google is looking at selling Motorola to Lenovo for around $3 billion, when it paid around $12 billion just over 2 years ago. This...

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12 weeks ago

I was just checking our website's PageRank, mostly out of curiosity, and it got me started wondering, how much does PageRank matter?...

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13 weeks ago

Google spent $3.2 billion to acquire Nest, the company who developed smart thermostats. My first thought was that it was awesome, since there will be a...

Tags: google, Nest, Smart Home |
3 Answers |
13 weeks ago

I’ve been using Outlook with Gmail (though IMAP) for years, but now that I’ve enabled 2-factor authentication, I’m having trouble with it. Can I still use...

Dell expanded on its open networking initiative this week with a resale arrangement with SDN company Big Switch Networks.
The public cloud market is set for what one analyst firm calls 'hypergrowth.'
San Diego's US$50 million SAP system has ended up tripling employees' workloads for certain types of tasks, but the city has also failed to devote enough attention to training, according to a consultant's report released earlier this month.
Vic Gundotra, a key executive at Google who helped to create Google+, is leaving the company, he announced on Thursday.
A bill that would mandate a kill-switch on all smartphones sold in California failed a key vote in the state's senate on Thursday.
Hewlett Packard has unveiled enterprise-class flash-driven storage that is cheaper than traditional storage workloads.
As usual, Apple CEO Tim Cook was the focus of attention during the company's quarterly earnings call with analysts on Wednesday. And, as usual, we've got a transcript of his remarks while on the call.
The Internet puts the goods, services and expertise you need at your fingertips. Some call it a 'collaborative economy' focused less on transactions and more on trades. Others see a throwback to the early days of economic exchange. Either way, it's quickly changing the way we do business.
Facebook is moving into the hot space of fitness tracking by acquiring a Finland-based mobile app maker.
InBloom said its initiative would have allowed schools to offer customized instruction to students.