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15 weeks ago

I have an old Compaq Windows 7 laptop that everything works on, but it is so, so slow. I don’t remember it being that slow when I got it about 3 years ago,...

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18 weeks ago

What are the main things that can be avoided/done to help laptops last longer and save on laptop replacements and repairs? Laptops, on average, don’t...

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22 weeks ago

HzO was one of the more interesting products shown at CES. If you missed it, HzO is a waterproofing treatment applied to hardware and...

If your job (or even your personal life) requires you to do anything substantial with numbers, chances are you use a spreadsheet app to do it. As a Mac user, you've got plenty of choices among spreadsheet apps, but for most of us the choice comes down to three: Microsoft's Excel 2011; Apple's Numbers (version 3.2); and the browser-based Sheets section of Google Docs.
Production bottlenecks could delay the phablet to 2015, according to one analyst.
DistroWatch has fixed its domain problems by moving to a new registrar. Plus: CrossOver 13.2 improves Windows application use in Linux, and what text editor do you use?
An association of more than two dozen technology companies including Facebook, Google, Twitter and Netflix urged the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Monday to create strong, enforceable net neutrality rules for wired and mobile networks.
The recent release of Ubuntu 14.04 Long Term Support/LTS (Trusty Tahr) proves to us once again that it doesn't matter if you're Oracle, Microsoft, or Canonical: Bringing a fleet of products into new release revision synch is tough.
Oracle has dispelled rumors that the upcoming security update for Java 7 and those it will release in the future might not work on Windows XP.
Microsoft shifts its attention cross-country this week, from its Washington state headquarters, overcast with uncertainty, to Washington, D.C., where company leaders will try to make sunny optimism shine at its annual partner conference.
SAP is set to announce its preliminary second-quarter results Thursday and apart from a look into its finances, the occasion also presents a chance for media and analysts to probe SAP's top executives for clues to the company's future plans and strategies.
Between 2010 and 2013, there was a 25 percent drop in small business processing online orders as traditional credit card merchants. Instead, they turned to third-party payment services, primarily due to concerns over cybersecurity and costs.
Samsung Electronics has temporarily suspended business with one of its Chinese suppliers, after a labor watchdog group accused the factory of hiring five underage workers.
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