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3 days ago

I've gotten really tired of using the Unity interface (which I find rather buggy) with Ubuntu and am thinking of jumping ship and...

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4 weeks ago

I need some new gear and debating if i should just get a mac mini or something else and throw linux on it, whattya think?

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12 weeks ago

There are questions here and on other forums about Linux on a fairly regular basis, and sometimes I find myself automatically thinking...

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19 weeks ago

What things will a lifelong Windows user need to adjust to when switching to Linux? Are any of them deal-breakers?

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24 weeks ago

I'm looking at IT jobs and a lot of them want Linux experience. What's the best one for a Windows guy to learn? I hear a lot about...

Tags: fedora, linux, red hat, ubuntu |
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25 weeks ago

Is there a way to check fragmentation of a disk in Linux other than the occasional fsck report on boot?

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New OpenPOWER Foundation will encourage customers and competitors to take part in processor innovation.
If the Rufus Cuff smartwatch is anything to go by, some people want a lot of hardware on their wrists.
A global Internet governance conference in Brazil concluded Thursday with a strong focus on countering surveillance, including asking for a review of the implications on privacy of existing practices and legislation.
How do you find the best food recipes or clothing on Pinterest that's just right for you? The site thinks it has a way.
Despite rising costs in research and promotional spending, Chinese search giant Baidu reported net profit was up by over 24 percent in the first quarter on growing ad revenue made through its mobile services.
Google is considering deploying Wi-Fi networks in towns and cities covered by its Google Fiber high-speed Internet service.
The U.S. military might have to share its radar frequencies with mobile broadband providers under a plan the Federal Communications Commission continued to flesh out this week under the catchy name Citizens Broadband Radio Service.
As the second jury trial between Apple and Samsung approaches its conclusion, the companies are sparring over the precise questions the jury will be asked to consider.
This week on World Tech Update we take you inside the New York Auto Show, where BMW introduced its X5 eDrive concept car.
Europe's startup scene is as diverse as any in the world, and young companies with unique value propositions are expanding quickly.
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