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Alex Lee
6 weeks ago


Due to some reason (legal) I have a need to convert Exchange server emails into PDF file format. But I...

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5 Answers |
9 weeks ago

What is a good choice for a converter than can convert pdf format files to .doc format easily and accurately?

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9 Answers |
16 weeks ago

How can I merge multiple multiple PDFs into a single PDF? I’m using a Mac (which I’m not all that familiar with) and don’t have Adobe Acrobat. I’ll buy it...

Tags: mac, merge PDFs, pdf |
2 Answers |
21 weeks ago

I have to provide receipts for reimbursement when I return from business related trips. What’s the easiest way to convert photos of...

3 Answers |
23 weeks ago

How can I save the web page I’m on as a PDF? I’m using Chrome browser.

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In what could turn out to be another huge data breach, Home Depot on Tuesday confirmed that it is investigating a potential compromise of credit card and debit card data belonging to an unspecified number of customers.
Midori served the Raspberry Pi well, but now it's time to welcome a new browser optimized for the mini PC and based on Epiphany/Gnome Web.
Mobile computing, OpenStack and containers win, NSX, vCloud Air details too thin at VMware show.
Google has partnered with scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara to build new processors for use in quantum computing systems.
A prominent Linux kernel developer has been jailed by Russian authorities after protesting publicly in Moscow's Manezh Square against the conflict in Ukraine.
The two roles demand entirely different mindsets and work styles.
Microsoft is now letting customers subscribe to Office 365 in monthly payments within its Office for iPad apps.
Apple has issued a statement regarding the hacking of dozens of celebrities' cellphones that exploded over the weekend.
BlackBerry, Tizen, Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS take different approaches to staying alive.
AlienVault Labs has discovered a watering hole attack that's using a framework developed for reconnaissance as the primary infection vector.
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