Lost phone, how to move backup to new Android phone from My Android apps in Google Play


I had my information on this account and I thought I had my Contacts backed up. I lost my phone and now have a new one. Both were HUAWEI M865, My account shows both devices.


How do I find out if I have a backup of my contacts   and how to put on new phone?

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This article might be useful:

How To Fully Back Up And Restore Your Android Phone Using Nandroid Backup

"In this tutorial, I will guide you through the easiest and most reliable way to fully and 100% back up and restore your Android phone.

By fully back up, I don't mean backing up just your address book or your emails, or your dog. I mean EVERYTHING that resides on your phone with the exception of the SD card - what we will create is essentially a full image of your phone's current state that you can restore to at any time as if nothing happened. This image will be written to your SD card which you are then free to copy around and back up on your computer.

In fact, the backup described here is very similar to imaging your computer hard drive before you swap drives - the principle is the same."

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If you had the previous device linked to a Google Account (which you say you did), your contacts should automatically synched. There should be no need to import anything. Log onto Gmail on a laptop/desktop and on the left side under the big "Google" you should see "Gmail" with a drop down menu. When you click "Gmail" it shows "Gmail", "Contacts", and "Tasks". Click Contacts and it should show all of your contacts with their info. If it doesn't, then they aren't backed up, although I don't know how that would happen. If they are there and your phone is linked to your account, they should be on that phone.


If everything looks good, go into your phone settings and find "accounts and synch." Make sure you have auto-synch checked.   

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- go to your home screen.

- press the Menu button.

- tap on Settings.

- tap on Account & Sync.

- tap on your Google Account.

- make sure that Sync Contacts is checked.

- press the Menu button.

- tap on Sync Now.

 Then your android contacts will be restored.

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