Is Hadoop administration suitable for me?

Hi I am working as an infrastructure Engineer in an Operations environment. Its a kind of Monitoring, Incident management role. But I wanted to pursue this course as I am interested in Administration. I have basic knowledge of Unix. Is this course a right option? What are the Prerequisites for this Hadoop administration? Where will I find myself if I finish this course? What are the career options? Please guide me.

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Well, I know you said you have Unix experience, but it would also help to have some knowledge of Linux. That should be pretty easy for you to pick up. I think Cloudera requires Linux knowledge as a pre-req for Hadoop Admin courses. You really did not make it clear what course you were looking at, so I assume Cloudera. You do not need prior Hadoop knowledge to taking the course or the CCAH exam. I’ve never taken it, so I can’t give you any first hand info on how difficult or involved the exam is. If you take the Cloudera course, you will get a practice CCAH exam at the end, so you can assess whether you are ready for the real thing. Just finishing the course won’t do much for you until you take and pass the exam. 


If you want to know the types of knowledge you are expected to possess for CCAH certification, have a look at the exam sections here:


After you have your CCAH cert, you should be able to find some information by simply searching for jobs where you live or where you want to live. Check and see how many of them require CCAH certification, and see if there is a significant difference in salary between those that require it and those that do not. That should make it a little easier to evaluate whether it is worth your time, effort and money to take the course and get the certification.  

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