Have you heard of Euclid Analytics?


This is worth a read if you're interested in what retailers are up to, and protecting your privacy:

Attention shoppers: Retailers can now track you across the mall


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Here's a good page that explains how it works:


"Easy to implement and scale
Euclid Analytics is the easiest way to measure real-world shopper behavior at all of your stores.

Our plug-and-play sensor installs in 2 minutes - just connect power and internet. Each sensor is the size of a deck of cards and covers up to 24,000 square feet.

If you have existing in-store Wi-Fi from Aruba, Aerohive, or other leading providers, you can turn your existing access points into Euclid sensors with the push of a button.

Once your sensors are up and running, you can view reports for all your locations in our easy-to-use web Dashboard."

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Nope, but there are many companies that are out there trying to gather EVERY bit of information about each of us and monetize it, these guys are just playing the game on a different field. I mean, yeah, sure, at least the adverts I get are relevant, but it does make one feel a little like looking over your shoulder all the time, because there is, in fact, someone watching. I'm torn, because when I'm wearing my work hat, I'd like to know as much as possible about our customers, both current and potential. On the other hand, it all seems a little too Orwellian at times. 

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