How important is the choice of degree for data scientists?


When looking for a data scientist, what academic degree is considered the most valuable? The field isn't simply math or computer science, but it requires elements of each. What would be the "gold standard" degree for individuals in data science?

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I am not sure what specific degree would work best, but here's an article on how to become a data scientist that has some possibly helpful suggestions. See also the comments after the article for additional ideas.

How do I become a data scientist?

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Not only that but more and more people are coming with a diploma offered by an online university and they have the same skills if not better than the students coming from "regular" universities. The new online age is upon us if we like it or not !

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You're right in supposing that it's more than just a combination or mathematics and computer science - and the societal and cultural impact of big data means that a whole new paradigm of degree-level study in this field is under development. It's amazing to think that it's nearly 50 years since Gordon Moore made the observation that gave rise to the 'law" that bears his name: that digital data storage capabilities appear to double about every two years (though he was talking about transistors on integrated circuits!) So now business analytics and management concepts also have a significant role to play in this field of education. The College of Computing and Informatics at UNC Charlotte has been a trendsetter - Northwestern and Oxford (UK) are two others to watch.

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You are not going to have to wonder much longer, there are a number of academic programs that are specific to the field.  Back in my old home city of Charlotte, UNCC is offering both Masters and Ph.D. programs in Bioinfomatics, which I suppose sounds better than BigDataology.  A new Masters program is planned in Business Analytics and Infomatics, which will combine the study of analytics with business management and processes.   I'm sure that there are other schools looking into the field as well.  

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