Is this The End for BlackBerry?


Ironically, just as BBM is about to launch for iOS and Android, we have BlackBerry announcing that it is laying off 4,500 employees, has a nearly $1 billion quarterly loss, and trading of the company's shares has been halted on the NASDAQ. BlackBerry has been in trouble for a couple of years now, but this seems like the trouble just got very, very serious. Is this the beginning of the end for BlackBerry?

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It was the beginning of the end the day the first iPhone was released. Everything since then has just been part of the overall process of the company's destruction. They didn't change fast enough, and most people have moved on to iOS and Android devices.

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BlackBerry is currently negotiating a $4.7 billion acquisition by Fairfax Financial Holdings. What they intend to do with it assuming the acquisition is finalized and approved by regulators, I don't know. It's unlikely to continue to exist for long in its current form, though. 

Christopher Nerney
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Jim Lynch nailed it: The beginning of the end for RIM came with the release of the first iPhone in 2007. RIM's leadership was complacent and condescending toward competitors. Unfortunately, the ones who paid the biggest price were employees and shareholders.

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