How can I recover a table that I dropped in SQL?


I accidentally deleted a table when I meant to delete a column. It was just a moment when I was thinking about other things and entered in DROP TABLE XXXX. when I meant to enter ALTER TABLE XXXX. Is there any way to recover the table? I can dig into the backups, so it's not the end of the world, but that's not how I hoped to spend my Friday morning.

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I think Christopher covered it well. It's crucial to have backups ready in case something like this happens. If you don't have them, you could be stuck with no options.

Christopher Nerney
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According to many commenters at Ask SQL Server Central, if you don't have a back-up, you're going to be out of luck.


However, one person writes, "There is an outside chance of getting the data if your O/S backup had an open file agent. Ask your backup team if they can restore from prior to the issue to a test environment and you may be able to get the data."


It's pretty much the same conclusion here: Forget about it, unless..."If the DROP TABLE was executed from within a transaction and that transaction has not yet been committed, you can roll it back."


Beyond that, some people suggest purchase or downloading a free trial version of a third-party product that is able to read the log file and reconstuct the table from that information.




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Christopher pretty much covers it. It's amazingly how a momentary slip-up can cause a major head ache. Good luck!

Enrique Mallon
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