How would you rate Tim Cook's first year as CEO of Apple?


It's been a year since Steve Jobs turned the CEO position at Apple over to Tim Cook. What do you think about his first year in that position? Has he been up to the challenge? What has he done right/wrong?

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As an earlier answer noted, being the guy that has to replace Steve Jobs is a pretty big challenge.  I think he has done ok, though.  Honestly, I think the best thing he has done is handle the controversy over working conditions at FoxConn.  Apple didn't just shrug and mumble platitudes, they actually helped improve working conditions and wages there, at least according to some reports I have read.  Not sure if they took down the anti-suicide nets yet, so it still might not be THAT great.  :-0


There was a good article about what Cook could do in the next year over at Ars.


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So far I think he's done a good job, considering the shoes he had to fill. He's gotten quite a lot right, and not much wrong that I can see.

However, Apple is still executing on the product plans left behind by Steve Jobs. We won't really know how good a CEO Cook is until after 2015. By then Apple will need to move past whatever products Job put into the pipeline.

So I think the jury is still out on Cook, and will be for some time.

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