i am in the sales profession and i need help in closing the deal.


i am in the sales profession. i am confident, persuasive, have knowledge about my product but sometime i feel i need tips for closing deals quickly. i need some tips for it. for example, i love to sell life insurance and medical insurance but at the last moment i am unable to close a deal. i fulfil all what customer needs but then he delays like he stops answering my phones or avoids me to sign the contract. my success ratio in insurance is 50 %. please help.

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Tips for Successful Sales Professionals

"Sales professionals play an essential role in the success or failure of an organization. Their key responsibility areas include promoting a product and making a brand popular amongst the end-users.

Sales representatives earn profits and generate revenues for the organization.

Let us go through some tips for successful sales professional."

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If you are in sales and have a 50% sucess ratio, I'd say you have pretty much nailed it. Without a doubt that is far, far above average. Talk to someone who is a financial advisor, and ask them how often their sales calls end with a new client. I'd be very surprised if they said 20%. The fact is that some people you talk to aren't going to purchase anything, and some other percentage is going to go with another company if that saves them a dollar or two over what you can offer.  

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